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How do intimate weddings and elopements differ?

In what way is an intimate wedding different from an elopement?

Since elopements are all the rage this year, you may be seeing a lot of information about intimate weddings if you're getting married soon. But what exactly is an intimate wedding versus an elopement? Is there any difference? Is the value of them comparable to that of a full-day wedding and how does the photography compare?

  • What is a modern Elopement?

An elopement wedding refers to two people getting married and celebrating with just themselves (or a small number of guests) in a simple, relaxed setting.

An elopement ceremony can include the couple's closest family or friends. However, in many cases, the elopement party is made up of the couple, the officiant, and the photographer, who is usually the witness. There's no reason no one can attend, but the guest list is much more casual than what is expected at a wedding.

  • What does an intimate wedding mean?

An intimate wedding is essentially a regular wedding with a smaller guest list. Instead of a huge banquet hall and a generic chicken and potatoes meal, you select a smaller venue with fewer guests.

It is not unusual for the bride and groom to both get ready at the same house and simply share their first look in the hallway. Also, Formal seating arrangements are not required at wedding dinners. It is important to capture beautiful portraits, as well as storytelling images, which capture the intimate moments among the few present guests.

  • Photographs of an intimate wedding as compared to an elopement

For elopement, couples often need two or three hours of coverage. This includes photography of the ceremony and a beautiful portrait session. It is rare to have any images of the getting ready or cocktail hour or reception coverage because elopements don't have those things. It is the photographer's responsibility to photograph the ceremony and portrait session for as many hours as possible on the day. The number of images they provide will be dependent on how many hours they photograph. Intimate weddings that are small in scale photographically have the same aesthetic appeal as traditional full-day weddings. Almost all couples still request getting ready coverage, ceremony coverage, family photo coverage, as well as reception coverage. Even if a photographer spends eight or more hours photographing an intimate wedding, he or she can still make a great job.

Planning for Elopement wedding?

  • Decide when you want to have your reception or celebration.

  • Decide where you want your elopement reception to be held.

  • Decide whether or not to send elopement invitations.

  • Organize how you will dress and what details you will use.

  • Obtain your marriage license, and then hold a symbolic ceremony at your wedding location.

  • Make an announcement about your elopement.

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