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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, feel free to ask us!

How do I check available dates?

  • Please use our contact form via our website or by telephone at 321-999-7397.

How do I take a tour?

  • We have an open house every Monday and Friday from 11:00AM - 4:00PM. Tours are not available if an event is happening at the time. Please call to confirm availability or to schedule another time. 

Is there a maximum number of guests allowed in the venue?

  • We are allowed to have a maximum of 100 guests seated.

Are my rental rates guaranteed?

  • While rates are subject to change, your rate is guaranteed once the contract is signed and a deposit is made.

Are we required to set up and break down tables and chairs for the event?

  • Yes, however the staff will be there to assist if needed.

How do I check myself in or out?

  • A member of the Signature Events Hall team will be available to allow entry and to lock at the end of the event. 

What should we expect when accepting the venue?

  • The tables and chairs will be stacked against the walls, any linens and chargers will be left at the venue for the client to place at their discretion.

Are we required to clean up after the event?

  • We ask that you remove all trash and place it in a dumpster behind the venue. Also please take all of your personal items immediately at the end of your event. In the event, the venue is not returned cleaned and in proper order, your $150 security/damage fee will not be refunded.

How long do we have to use the venue?

  • Your contract will specify an “in-time” and an “out-time.” We offer 4-hour time slots (with an additional hour to set up before your event and one hour to break down after your event ). Giving you a total of 6 hours! If additional hours are needed, it will be $125 per hour (depending on availability) and we will need to know in advance if additional time is needed. All persons involved with an event are required to clear the venue by the contract “out-time” to avoid overtime charges. An additional $150 will be charged if the event goes over the specified time.

Are decorations included in the venue?

  • Only linens as specified in the packages are included. We are able to recommend decorators if needed to help you make this your signature event.

Can I have candles or glitter?

  • The use of candles and glitter is prohibited (PLEASE DON'T USE IN VENUE). If this is violated your $200 security deposit will not be refunded.

Are tables and chairs included?

  • Venue packages include tables and chairs. Any damages to tables or chairs will be deducted from your security deposit.

What are the guidelines for renting the 360-degree video camera?

  • The employee is the only one who will operate the machine.

  • Children are not allowed to play (jump, swing on, etc.) on the machine.

  • Hands and feet should remain on the stand.

  • Do not touch the moving arm or camera.

What is your deposit and payment policy?

  • There is a $200 booking fee to reserve the date. We also require a $150 security/damage deposit  in addition to the balance, which will be due 14 days before your event date. Please ask for more details and/or refer to your event agreement.

  • *The $200 booking fee is (nonrefundable) and deducted from the total balance due.

  • *The $150 security/damage fee will be refunded within 48 hrs, provided the venue is returned in proper order, once the event has ended.

  • *If full payment is not received within fourteen days before the event, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and no refund will be given.

What is your cancellation, rescheduling, and refund policy?

  • There are no refunds, you may have the option of switching to a new date (depending on availability). A fee of $175 will be due at the time of rescheduling.

Do you have an in-house caterer or preferred list of vendors?

  • We do not have an in-house caterer. However, we do have a list of preferred event planners and caterers, that have proven to do a great job for their customers! However, you can choose to use your own event planner and/or caterer. Please keep in mind all vendors are welcome, as long as a separate one-day event insurance policy is provided prior to the event.

Are there adequate kitchen facilities?

  • We have a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and spacious countertops. 

Are there limitations on decorations?

  • We ask that you do not use any decoration that would be a permanent fixture to the walls or ceilings.You are welcome to decorate the venue to fit your needs with any decorations that can be removed, without any harm to the venue. No nails, staples, tapes, or glues that leave a sticky residue.

May we smoke in the venue?

  • Smoking is not permitted. No "HOOKAH", "SMOKING" or "FIRE" of any type is allowed in the venue. If this is violated, your $150 security deposit will not be refunded. ​

May we drink alcohol in the venue?

  • You may bring alcohol to be served to your guest's ages 21 and above. Guests may NOT bring their own alcohol (BYOB) and cash bars are not permitted (PLEASE DON'T SELL ALCOHOL IN VENUE). Due to strict laws concerning the serving of alcohol, please stop serving alcohol 30 minutes prior to the event end time. All alcohol must be removed from the property immediately following the event.

Does Signature Events Hall provide security?

  • We do not provide security. However, if security is needed, we can point you in the direction of security services.

Is there parking onsite?

  • There is a free, large parking lot available for use in front of the venue. 

Are event time slots flexible?

  • Yes. We are able to offer two events within a day. The first time slot is usually from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. The second time slot is usually from 6:00 pm - 12:00 midnight. Each of these time slots allows for a one-hour setup, four hour event, and a one-hour breakdown. The time between events allows for sanitizing of the venue and changing the linens.

How are you handling indoor gatherings during COVID-19?

  • Although the governor lifted all restrictions on indoor gatherings in Florida, we will be sanitizing the space between events to keep our customers safe and healthy. Masks are required during your event. No exceptions!

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