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5 Simple Ways To Make Her Feel Special on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day presents a unique opportunity for men to show their love for their girlfriends.

What better way to express your love? Take a moment to send her a long, emotional, and loving text about how she makes you feel if you don't know how to begin. Gifts can make a girl's Valentine's Day special apart from a message, because girls love being pampered. The only way to make your girl feel more loved is to make her feel unique gestures (done from the heart).

Here are a few ideas to make your girlfriend happy on Valentine's Day:

  • Bring breakfast to her in bed

Make her feel special by serving breakfast in bed. Prepare her favorite breakfast on a beautiful tray with all the extras she loves. Consider adding some Valentine's Day-themed treats to the breakfast tray, and make the moment even more special with a cuddle and kiss after breakfast.

  • Don't forget the flowers!

There is nothing more romantic than a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day. Feelings can be expressed with a rose. Girls love red roses! Think of her favorite flowers and if you can make a customized bouquet out of those, that would be awesome! Make her Valentine's day extra special by giving her her favorite flowers.

  • Keep a good attitude

Valentine's Day is a day meant for romance regardless of whether you like it or not. It is the least you can do to ensure you communicate effectively with her on that particular day. Let her know how wonderful she is and how much you adore her. Show her love all day.

  • Make her something out of your interests

If you like playing music instruments, drawing, painting or writing songs/poems its a good way to express your feelings to her. Make her something personalized and she will surely appreciate it! Doesn't have to buy things to express love but you can do it by simply making simple things like making her something out of what you can do.

  • Take her on a romantic dinner or prepare home cooked meal for a valentine's dinner

It's typical that couples go out for a dinner date on valentine's day, but it doesn't have to be an expensive date just to make her feel special. You can prepare a simple romantic dinner for her and find inspirations online. Whether its something you'd like to cook for her or her favorite meal, you can decide! Girls love seeing effort and if you show an effort it would surely make her feel special on valentine's day!

It sounds like you have already planned what you’ll do for your girl on Valentine’s Day. If you love someone, go the extra mile for them. Although it is only one day, it doesn't hurt to make them feel special. You will get to see her smile in the end, so these ideas are easy to follow. Keep in mind that women enjoy surprises as well. However, they may not admit to it. Surprise her on this special day, and she'll always remember you!


Looking for a place to hold your Valentine's dinner date?

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